Your secret to success lies in your secrets

There are times when your transparency would do wonders and make you an individual that people trust and like because you tell them everything they need to know. But then again don’t forget that you don’t always need to be transparent, actually I would advice you to keep just those secrets to yourself, that have made you a fortune in your segment.

Anyway, why would anyone want to know which provider you use that delivers you the cheapest product? And why would you even feel bad if you don’t respond back with what they want to hear? And most important of all, why would YOU feel bad about not telling someone your business secrets? There is nothing bad in that.

I have made mistakes in the past by telling not only my customers where I get my products, but also others in my own segment, and have within weeks seen them doing it on their own. Here is the thing, you either are running a business or you are running for the title of “The most kindest and silliest person of the year”. You are either doing business to pay your bills, or making sure that you don’t have a market by slowly chipping it away yourself.

There is nothing bad in being kind and nice to others, but remember, your position in your marketplace is because you have mastered something in your niche, and to further become a better businessman and earn more knowledge, you would have make sure that some secrets, remain a secret.

Just because you are transparent and have good thoughts about people doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be using your ideas to later on crush your business plan. One of the shops I sell to said the following to me

“Wakas you are too kind, change your mindset a bit when it comes to business. The shops that you are selling to, if they find the source of where you get your products, they would cut you off right away and not even feel bad about it, because for them it’s all about profits, and yes, I might do the same”

Well that woke me up a bit :)

So the summary is:-

  • Keep your secrets to yourself
  • No one else is paying your bills
  • Don’t feel bad if you don’t give out any info
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