I have been quite lucky (and very hard working as well) when it comes to work and work experience. Since a few years back I was in Pakistan doing my studies in Fine Arts and now I am working as a Project Manager for an IT company in Norway.

I have gone through lots of various roles in the past just to make the ends meet. From working as a door-to -door sales agent to applying my skills to major music networks like Dotmusic, which is now known as Yahoo Music and then further on working for the largest recruitment company as the only Pakistani designer among the 400+ people dealing with the most amazing projects.

Years later I sometime wonder what is it that drives us to work. For some it’s to get rid of the boredom they will be surrounded with if they sit home all the time, for others money is a reason enough to wake up every morning to do something that they enjoy.

BUT when that is said, there are so many people who do not enjoy the work they do and even while working they have lots of things in mind.. such as:-

  • I am just doing my job because I need the money
  • I will do something else when I have enough cash in my hands
  • I am doing this job because I won’t get any other job

Since the past few years I have developed this thing in mind that was injected within me from my elders, mainly my mother. That “No work is bad if we are doing it with our honest intentions and for a good cause”

So keeping that in mind, I have gone through various roles from standing at the cash register at a till to working part time in a warehouse when I couldn’t find the job I was looking for in Norway. Since it’s already too tough being a Pakistani in Norway let alone get a good job even when you have the desired knowledge and experience.

While we are at it, here are a few tips on how to stay happy at work

  • Develop you skills further
  • Look at those that don’t have what you have!
  • Appreciate other’s work
  • Don’t be a sour face, as no one likes them..
  • Be confident in what you do!
  • Communicate with others at work!
  • Never be the last one to greet someone!

What is the driving force behind you waking up everyday if you do work at this moment? Are working for cash or are you working for pleasure? So do you enjoy your work or you are just trying to make the ends meet?

One of the most amazing times of our lives have been spent in our childhood. Lots of people might have different opinions about that since not everyone is lucky enough to get the love of their parents, families, or siblings. And my heart goes out to them since it’s not their fault at all that they didn’t manage to meet those that have left the world before them, but that’s just how the world moves forward. We come and go and the time is fixed for us all.

But really how important is a childhood that is spent with healthy minded people around you. Because I feel when a child is brought into this world the time for “thinking it over” is up. It’s actually when two people are thinking of bringing a life into this world when they should be in the state of mind that

“Are we ready to give our time to the new life we are thinking of bringing to this world?”

If the answer to the above is no, being a fellow citizen of this world I would beg those people to not go ahead with any drastic plans as the kid that gets no time from their parents when they need it, becomes an incomplete person who further leads on a life bringing more incomplete people to this world.

What is an incomplete person you say?

  • Someone who won’t be able to handle stress
  • Someone who won’t be able to value relations
  • Someone who won’t be able to tell wrong from right
  • Someone who won’t be able to handle his insecurities
  • Someone who won’t be able to claim his right

Do you see how serious it is? How all the “qualities” above are the result of the time the kid won’t get if the parents are too busy or not too serious at all about the most important moments of the child’s life.

I feel sorry for the kids that have dads that don’t take them out to play with them, that have dads that do not take time out to help them with their homework, or ask them what they been upto today and what they are thinking of and so on. Same goes for mothers ofcourse. Since just bringing a kid into this world and not injecting in him the powerful emotions such as being caring, loving and respecful towards others is just like bringing a kid into this world and putting him in the middle of the most busiest traffic junction, and then wondering “Oh why didn’t our kid make it to the other side”..

Well to answer the above, the reason why “your” kid didn’t make it could be that you didn’t provide him with the skills that were needed for him to survive in this world.

But remember if you are one of those that did not get the proper healthy childhood that doesn’t mean that you are bound to be a failure. No no, not at all. This is just a rare case that some very lucky individuals who meet later on in life some very lovely people who turn their minds upside down and make them into what was actually a vital role of a parent.

I am in no way saying that only good parenting alone will result in bringing a successful person to this world. But it surely plays a vital role and boosts the confidence of the child beyond all leaps and bounds.

So let’s promise ourselves, that those of us who have no kids yet and aren’t married, and even those that have kids will from now on give as much time as they can to those we bring into this world. Since if we are blessed with the gift of kids then we definitely have to do something to make the kids feel that they are worth our time just like they should be.

What do you think about this whole childhood phase?

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