Can someone else make or break your business?

I have realized one thing in the past few decades of doing online and offline business. It all boils down to the minor changes you make that will affect the rest of your career. So in a way you can definitely take big part in changing and shaping your career, depending on the choices you are making as you more forward.

I don’t actually believe that others can ruin anything for you, unless you let them. And by saying that I back it up with my own style of doing business where I deal with others on a transparent level. I advice them with tips and also make them realize that they have nothing to fear from me. My belief in my creator makes me confident that what is destined to reach me will never miss me and what is destined to miss me can never be mine no matter how much I try. So it’s comforting for me to give my best and just let the results come depending on the work I put in.

So keeping these things in mind, I strongly suggest that you take a leap of faith and start focusing on your strengths, by learning new things, reading books, finding mentors and doing something positive with your time. Money comes and goes, but my friend, time just goes, it never comes back. There is a time for everything, so use it to do the most important things to make your business grow, rather than focusing on someone else’s business that’s booming. There business is booming because they are putting time into it. If they are working 10 hours, you work 12, if they work 12 hours you need to put in 14.

If you focus on your own business, not only will it thrive, but you will realize that it’s the most important thing you need to do, to make it big.

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