3 quick tips to reach a conclusion about a product or service

There are lots of ways you can change your situation for the better, but here I will list the top 3 steps you can take that will turn most things into a more positive experience.

1. You can start doing more of a certain thing that has worked for you

Is there a service or a product that has worked amazing for you then you should focus your time only on that, and then branch out further services from that. There are lots of times we see a product going better than the rest of our line of products, but still our focus tends to divert here and there. That’s exactly the reason why failure is just around the corner, and most of our time is wasted on “bad” products rather than those that deserve our time. Focus on the right thing!

2. Do less or completely quit with the things that aren’t giving any results.

Is there a product or service that hasn’t worked out well, just stop spending time on it and focus on what’s working. Check out the first tip and memorize it!

3. Apply zero-based thinking in situations of stress

If there is a situation of stress then ask yourself if you would do a certain thing or introduce a product with the current knowledge you posses now. It’s called the “KWIK” analysis, in other words, “Know what I know” – now analysis. It works wonders and usually gives you an answer right away. For example, if I am selling a service and have had a bad experience with it, my question to myself would be if I would introduce it now based on what I have learnt with my experience. And if the answer to it is no, then it should ring a bell and I should make a change right away and not wait till tomorrow!

This kind of analysis will allow you to re-think your thoughts and NOT go ahead with what hasn’t worked out.

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