In the current time and age, we are bombarded with a gazillion ads from all angles. Everyone is trying to get our attention, and that’s what makes it even harder to sell your products and services.

What makes a person buy from you?

I feel it’s the trust factor and that the product or service is something they are looking for. Something that makes their life easier or makes them feel better in some way. In my experience, products that I have sold in my natural food store ( Tahoor Store ), benefit people in some way or the other. So it’s an easy process from start to finish.

If you have a product that is just for “fun”, like gadgets and things one can live without and don’t serve any purpose, then that comes under “wants” and not “needs”. Nowadays people buy a lot of gadgets but they too should serve a purpose somehow.

Needs are things that one REALLY needs to survive, like water, food, air and of course shelter and security.

Fear also sells. If you sell products like CCTV cameras so people can stay safe when they are home or on a vacation, then that would work as well.

But the whole process from A to Z is what you have to keep in mind. Don’t look at the person walking through your store’s doors as a walking dollar bill, they are not. They are a human being who needs to get their needs met and it’s upto you to make that happen. Don’t sell them things they don’t need, as that’s a lost sale, and you won’t get them back.

As for the whole mindset of how you should behave in front of the customer, well it has to be in a way that you are confident as to what you are selling. You need to trust your products and need to know that they work as intended. In my case, the natural foods can work differently on all people, so one thing might not work for the other person. But somewhere along the line you have to realize that you have to treat the customer like you want to be treated, be truthful and don’t sell if you are not certain it will serve them.

I have written an eBook with various tips and techniques that I use when selling online and offline. These tips are what I use to sell to shops, or regular people walking through our doors.

Check it out!

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That would probably be a very difficult question to answer since everyone that would look at this question might have their own answer based on their interests, likes, dislikes, fears, and experiences.

But when it comes to what I have seen bringing in the money, it has to be digital products, distribution of products to food stores, restaurant, and the favorite of every single millionaire I have spoken to, property!

Why property?

I was speaking to a Pakistani millionaire in Norway and he said that if I had the chance to turn back the clock, I would invest every single penny into property. When I read various books about successful people, that’s the same line I read there as well.

Property is something everyone needs, it increases in value on an annual basis, and sometimes even quicker. Plus it gives very good returns in very little time.

How they are making money from property?

I have seen various businessmen working specifically within the renting area within property management, but the more successful ones are those that buy plots and other places and turn them into flats for resale. I saw an incident where the property was purchased and it got approved with residential permit, making it 4 times more valuable. So the businessman who put in 100 million kroner, made 400 million out of the property.

I was speaking yet another entrepreneur and he was talking about a few deals of a few hundred million kroner as well on a few purchases they made few months back.

So what to do?

Well, I would recommend, if you have an option of putting money into something, then let it be property. Be wise and get all the paperwork done, but this is one field that isn’t going downwards (depends ofcourse where you are located)

Buy to rent, or buy to renovate and then sell again to make the profit.

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